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I run a garage repair business in Dallas. We had a good looking website before, but we didn’t rank very well in the search engines. Seo Agency Genius brought us rankings, internet presence, and our phone started ringing almost immediately. Our business is stronger because of the efforts of this awesome SEO Company and we recommend them.
Pat from Dallas Texas
SEO Agency Genius has been incredibly helpful in bringing our website to the forefront of Google’s listings. Tammy and her team always kept us up to date with the latest search engine developments and has given the best package to suit our company needs.
Sandy M From Orlando Florida
Tammy has honest SEO consultants who can actually show the hours they have put in for us. I would honestly recommend him to anyone (besides my competitors). One of the pitfalls we have experienced firsthand with other companies is that they cannot show the time they have put into our site. We are using them ongoing.
David from Miami Florida Rooferon, Homeowner
Tammy has done an excellent job in obtaining quick page first and second page listings. They have been very diligent and has not wasted my time. All of my Queries have been answered right away and has gone out of there way in answering any questions. They are still working on SEO to further improve ranking. I would do business with them.
Jason S from Jacksonville Florida
Tammy was the force that substantially increased our company’s quality traffic and conversions over a short time period through their SEO, content strategies and conversion services. They achieved number one Google rankings for our most valued keywords, while establishing content partnerships with very well-known publications in our niche industry. Our conversion rates increased across the board, resulting in more leads and revenue. We could not thank their marketing team enough for their hard work and dedication.”
Thank you! From Gary L Home Improvement From Denver Colorado
“I’ve worked with them for years and they are the one of the few agencies I recommend to my colleagues. As an SEO professional myself, it is great to find other experts at my level that I can bounce ideas off of, and rely on their input. Tammy and her team is advanced and made up of senior level SEO’s. I highly recommend them as a resource or agency. The results have been solid as well.”
Kelly C From Austin Texas